Teach or be taught almost anything

Powered by the Dovercourt Recreation Association, the Westboro Brainery can host classes on everything from How to Make Buffalo Mozzarella to The History of Britannia Beach to the Lyrics of Paul Simon.

Classes are brief (usually no more than 3 hours at the most) and inexpensive (averaging $15-$40). Because the Brainery is a citizen-led affair, classes are determined by YOU, the public. You come to us with your idea, and provided it meets the basic criteria, you have yourself a class. 

What types of classes are we looking for?

While we're open to a vast array of subjects, we tend to avoid those that fall into the health and wellness, self-help, professional development and overly technical categories. There are many places in Ottawa that already provide these types of classes and workshops. 

We also reserve the right to decline anything that is overly sales-focused.

Instead, we seek class ideas that could be considered any combination of intellectual, artsy, science-y, pop-culture-y, local, crafty, historical, DIY, or just overall quirky. 

Here are just a few types of subjects we'd be excited to teach at the Brainery...

·        Flora and fauna

·        The life of squirrels

·        The versatility of oilcloth

·        Civic engagement

·        Poetry for beginners

·        How to make your own cordial

·        Local history 

·        The new age of television

·        Running an independent storefront or restaurant

·        The fascinating life of any number of people (Salvador Dali, Iris Apfel, Sylvia Plath, Patti Smith, Otis Redding, William Lyon Mackenzie King...)

·        Modern embroidery

·        How to make a cowl

·        Hand-sewn felt ornaments

·        Astronomy

·        Philosophy

·        Urban planning

·        Photo transferring

And the list goes on...


Do you need to have teaching experience?

If you have little or no teaching experience, no biggie. We just ask that your first class be pro-bono and we'll give you access to a free class of your choosing by another instructor as compensation for your time.

After that first class is under your belt, and provided the class is generally well-received, you will be compensated for all future classes you teach at a rate of $25 per hour.

Also, it helps if you're comfortable in front of an audience and understand the importance having a class outline before you enter the classroom. :-) 


Give us your suggestions!

So -- do you have some interesting knowledge and experience to share? Then sign up to teach a class!

Is there something you'd like to learn about? Let us know and we'll do our best to make to happen.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or send an email to Sarah Banks, the Westboro Brainery Coordinator. sbanks@dovercourt.org


Powered by Dovercourt Recreation Centre

The Westboro Brainery is a program initiative of the Dovercourt Recreation Assocation (DRA). For more information on DRA visit the website at www.dovercourt.org or the Dovercourt Recreation Centre at 411 Dovercourt Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2A 0S9. Customer Service can be reached at (613) 798-8950 or info@dovercourt.org